What operating system templates do you offer?

We offer all major linux distributions. If you can’t find the system template you need, please contact support. Windows templates will also be available very soon.

Do you support Reverse DNS records?

Yes, please contact support for adding reverse DNS entries for your virtual IPs.

Do you allow outbound SMTP?

Yes, however Outbound SMTP is blocked by default. Please contact support for lifting the restriction, you will need to fill out an application form.

Do you offer a trial period?

We currently offer a $15 off for newly signed up customers. It can be used for running one full month trial for our 1GB RAM instance or the coupon can be applied to your first order for a $15 discount. If you intend to run a trial on other products, please submit your application through our support.

How do I access my cloud server?

You can access your cloud server from control panel directly, or you can connect to your server by SSH and remote desktop.

Instance Backup Support

Yes, we provide FREE backup support.

Multiple IP addresses support

By default one virtual server will have one primary IP address for free, additional IP addresses are available for an extra fee.

Bandwidth Charge

Your bandwidth usage is based on the sum of your inbound traffic and outbound traffic. The overage is billed at $0.11 per GB, GST inc.

Default Port Blocking

We block port 19 and outbound SMTP traffic by default.

What’s your hardware Spec?

We use only ‘Big Brand’ enterprise servers including Dell & HP. All our SSD storage are of enterprise grade for best sustainable performance.

Do you offer IOPS Guarantee?

Yes. We are dedicated to guarantee our customers will have provisioned IOPS for 99.9% of all time.

Multi-factor Authentication

Two factor authentication allows you to configure an additional means of authentication on your account. When logging into Vultr, you are prompted with an additional login step after entering your password. This adds extra security to your account. We support Google Authenticator and Yubikey devices. Authy was previously supported, but has since been removed.

What type of virtualization do you use?

For best virtual server isolation and performance, we utilize only KVM for virtualization.

Do you support Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Data Centre?

Absolutely!  Please raise a support ticket to lodge your capacity requirement of the private cloud to order.

Do you provide private networking support?

Yes, we provide private networking support. Depending on the type of products you ordered, the provisioned private network speed could vary between 1Gb/s to 20Gb/s. By default the private network is not enabled and you need to submit a request via our support channel.

How do we get announcements on both planned and unplanned outages?

All outages will be announced via control panel.