Hardened Security


Virtualization Approach

We use only KVM for best server isolation and full virtualization. This approach is more reliable in a hosted environment than container based virtualization, where virtual machines and hosts share core OS components.

Multi-layer Firewalls

VMCentral has, as standard, four layers of firewall protection. This includes hardware firewalls, hypervisor firewalls,customer Isolation firewalls and customer maintained firewalls.



High Speed Private Networking and Per-customer VLAN

Private Networking allows cloud servers to talk with other cloud servers in the same location for free. All servers enjoy 1Gbps private network connection by default. They can be upgraded to 5-20Gbps upon approval.

For extreme security, we might grant dedicated VLAN for customers who have large scale deployment upon approval.


Tier-3 Datacentre

Same as Amazon, we use Equinix as our data centre service provider. Security-wise, it features 24x7x365 security officers, physical access control, CCTV recordings and biometric scanners.