Superb Performance

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Insane IO Performance

Our PCIe SSD based cloud server is capable of delivering 150K-300K IOPS, 4GB/s (2GB/s read, 2GB/s for write) for extreme workload.

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Serious Infrastructure

We never traded performance for capacity, that’s how we are able to ensure our RAM to operate at its highest frequency – 1866Mhz as the minimum. Besides, our approach to laaS is unique – not only we strictly prohibit any oversubscription, we also enforce a fair resource usage policy according to each cloud server instance size. For example, allowing a 8GB RAM instance to have same I/O weight as 1GB RAM instance is definitely not what customers will be happy to accept.


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Super-fast Private Networking

The Private Networking we offer comes with 1Gb/s as standard and can be upgraded to 20Gb/s upon approval.


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SSD For Extreme Workload

We only use 100% Enterprise Grade SSDs for consistent and reliable performance.



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Fibre Only Network

For both public network and private network, we only use fibre media to minimize any possible latency, in addition to premium internet service offered by tier-1 carriers.