Pure SSD VPS in Australia


  • Very easy to operate server control panel.
  • Premium bandwidth backed by purpose-built BGP network.
  • Best-in-class Australian data center.
  • Highly secured servers with backups and DR.
  • Affordable Enterprise Provisioned IOPS service.
  • Blazing fast servers with PCIe SSD –  2-4 GB/s throughput.

Linux VPS

Linux VPS Hosting starting from $10

Choice of variety of OS

Pre-configured software

Best Australian hosting facility




Window VPS

Windows VPS Hosting Starting $40

Choice of variety of Windows versions

Pre-configured software

Best priced Windows VPS hosting


Cpanel VPS

Cpanel VPS in Australia Starting $40

Latest version of Cpanel pre-installed

Pre-configured Cpanel VPS optimized software

We help configuring and hardening the cpanel VPS




IOPS Guaranteed VPS

VPS with Guaranteed IOPS Starting from $160 IOPS

Steady performance achieved by VMCentral purpose-built IO control system.

Designed for extreme workload with durable storage.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Frequently Asked Questions
I need a custom hosting solution, with resources different from your plans. Can you provide a custom hosting solution?
What locations do you offer?
What is the advantage of having 100% SSD based servers?
Why should I choose a PCIe VPS instead of regular one?
May I know more about your data center?

Launch an SSD cloud server on our KVM-based platform for best VM isolation and great performance